"Small inner landscapes"

2017年8月28日(月) - 9月24日(日)

土日: 12:00 - 18:00 

Guillermo De Angelis solo exhibition

"Small inner landscapes"

28 mon. August - 24 sun. September, 2017

Saturdays and Sundays: 12:00 - 18:00


- 同時展開催会場: もずみみはらのアトリエ


〒590-0811 堺市堺区南陵町3-4-8



Open: 土日12:00-18:00






 GALLERY IND.では一昨年、昨年に続きアルゼンチン出身の写真家ギジェルモ・デ・アンヘリスの3回目の個展を開催いたします。

デ・アンヘリスはマドリード(スペイン) 滞在の約10年間に建築、デザイン、哲学を学びアルゼンチンへ帰国、その後2016年に再度スペインへ渡り現在バルセロナに活動拠点を置く写真家です。





 GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by an Argentine fine art photographer, Guillermo De Angelis. Born in Rosario, Argentina, he lived nearly 10 years in Madrid, Spain. After having studied architecture, philosophy and design, he is currently a photographer, he says, due to destiny or karma. De Angelis has ever presented all of his photographic works in square format. This square format, in which the shape and the relations among the elements of the composition get a special prominence, highlights serenity in harmony with his pictures. In his quiet pictures, and also in the titles of the works on which he puts much importance, we can find a certain kind of insinuations or implications sent out, transmitted to us by the gesture rather than by the signal, by whispering rather than by shouting.

In the tradition of Haiku, a type of traditional Japanese poem, we can catch a glimpse of reality and truth just in the limited words with the framework of five, seven, and five syllables. If we don’t doubt that art is a struggle to present the unity between the concrete and the abstract, we can find a number of excellent examples in haikus. Likewise, if you seek for the harmony between the physical and the metaphysical, you can find it in the world of Guillermo De Angelis.

We hope you feel a stunning silence and peace in his work.



 After doing architecture, design and philosophy I dove into photography. With the sort of enthusiasm that drives you to move forward, or better still, inwards. Hoping to discover within, rather than outside myself, what I am trying to show. I choose to take pictures not prepared. I try to get the expression through the economy of resources. Focusing on the details that  strike me as essential. Suggesting clearly, presenting without describing.




1974 Born in Rosario, Argentina

Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain


- Exhibitions

2017 (upcoming):

    •  Solo exhibition at Galerie LIK, (Vienna, Austria). 

    •  Solo exhibition at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).

    •  Solo exhibition at Mozumimihara-no atelier(ex-atelier of Japanese sculptor Ryumon Yasuda (Osaka, Japan).

    •  Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind., (Nara, Japan).


    •  Solo exhibition at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).

    •  Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind., (Nara, Japan. With the support of Argentina Embassy in Japan).

    •  Solo exhibition at Art Gallery Fotogalería Diseño UNVM, (Córdoba, Argentina).    

    •  UPA Gallery artist 2013/1016 (Tampa, Florida).

    •  Group exhibitions at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Tampa, Florida).

    •  Group exhibitions at The Studio@620 (St. Petersburg, Florida).

    •  Group exhibitions "Raíces argentinas" at the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona.


    • Invited to participate in Art Monaco 2015. 

    • Solo exhibition at GALLERY IND., (Nara, Japan. With the support of Argentina Embassy in Japan).

    • Group exhibitions Annual Photography Showcase (St Petersburg, Florida).

    • Artist at Orange Alloy (New York).

    • Group exhibitions "Clandestinos" at Cero Gallery (Puebla, México).

    • Group exhibitions "Augurio" at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).

    • Group exhibitions "Interrogantes" at Cero Gallery, French alliance program (Puebla, México).

    • Participation in the art fair Arte Salta 2015 (Argentina).

 2011 – 2014:   

    • Artist at Soho Myriad Gallery (Atlanta, Los Ángeles).

    • Artist at Tint-Art Gallery (London).    

    • Participation at Ars Lux Photo Gallery (Argentina).

    • Exhibitions in "Sol Victoria Galleries", (Argentina).

    • Participation in Artesalta: 8th Art Shows, (Argentina).

 2004 – 2011: 

    • Spain, Italy, Czech Republic: development and own photographic projects.

    • Images selected as best picture published by the newspaper "El País", Spain. 

- Publications

      • Niepcebook: "10 portfolios of photographers around the world." Edited by Elephant Corridor (France). 

     • Ebook edit by Corridor Elephant (France).

     • Digital book “La ausencia y la fotografía” edit by Bex Magazine Fotografia (Argentina).








Berta Sesé Exhibition "Ether's Chimies"

 ベルタ・セセ 個展 "Ether's Chimies"

2017年4月3日(月) - 5月7日(日)

土日12:00 - 18:00

Berta Sesé Exhibition "Ether's Chimies"

3 mon. April - 7 sun. May, 2017

Open: Saturdays and Sundays (12:00 - 18:00)



 GALLERY IND.では昨年に続きバルセロナ (スペイン) 出身、現在パリ(フランス)に活動拠点を置くカタルーニャ人アーティスト、ベルタ・セセの二回目の個展"Ether's Chimies" を開催いたします。

ベルタ・セセは2002年にバルセロナの服飾学校を卒業後パリへと渡り、2013年まではファッションデザイナー、スタイリストとして活躍していました。その間も絵画、写真等のビジュアルアートへの関心は強く、2014年からは自身の作品制作に専念しています。彼女の仕事は、絵画と写真という、彼女自身にとってはその境界がないように思える相互補完的なふたつの表現媒体の間を行き交います。前回の初個展では、"Micro Cosoms"シリーズから写真作品を展示しましたが、今回の個展では、"Ether's Chimies"シリーズから油彩作品を展示いたします。共に主題としているのは、エネルギーと霊性、光と色彩、宇宙の象徴的理法の神秘などです。


"Ether's chimes" (天空の化学的性質)という絵画シリーズは、化学元素が振動する遊動を造形的に解釈したもので、人が感覚の上限で捉えられる天空の光や色彩のように浮流する宇宙的な力との調和を示しています。このシリーズでは、宇宙における人間の位置についての意識喚起が提示されており、そこに現れる宇宙的エネルギーが私達を包み込もうと手を伸ばし、また魅了します。その意識によって私達は真の旋律に気づく可能性があることが示唆されていますが、その旋律とは、私達の存在を宇宙の調律と融合させ、私達を宇宙全体の能動的な一つの要素にしているものです。




 GALLERY IND. presented artist Berta Sesé’s photographic work for the first time last year and is pleased to showcase her pictorial work in a new exhibit. The artist’s work alternates between painting and photography, two complementary mediums which are linked by parallel themes that she addresses here: energy and spirituality, light and color, the mystery of symbolic order, and the approach of the cosmic.

 The intense and free colours of Sesé’s painting invite the viewer into contemplation and meditation. Visual harmonies open up a space of calm and peace, like a magnetic force pulling our inner psyche toward the heart of the canvas.

 The series "Ether’s chimies" is a plastic interpretation of the vibrating dance of the chemical elements, in harmony with the cosmic forces that hover like a set of ethereal lights and colours at the limits of our perception. This series offers to generate—through its own strength and will—an awareness of our place in the universe. The cosmic energy thus revealed reaches out to embrace us, creating a sensation of fascinating attraction. This awareness offers us the possibility of finding the true note—the one that harmonizes our existence with the melody of the universe and makes us an active element of the Whole once again.

 Originally, the word ether referred to one of the primordial deities of Greek mythology, who symbolized the upper limits of the sky, as well as its brightness. The ether has the characteristic of being always in motion. It is the principle of heat, and therefore of life. The famous aurora borealis observed in ether is caused by the collision between the electro-magnetised particles emitted by the sun and the gaseous particles of the upper atmosphere of the earth. This scientific phenomenon can be looked at from a spiritual—or even sacred or poetic—perspective, given the ether’s association with myth and legend. Chemistry becomes poetic through the perceptible vibration of the elements as they form harmonies of natural colors. These sets of molecular colors and their correspondence to Mendeleev's table of elements, followed by a geographical location, guided the artist’s titling of the work in this exhibit.    






Berta Sesé Pinteño, born in Barcelona, Spain, 1980

Lives and works in Paris (France) since 2002    

After her 12 years' career in fashion in Paris, she dedicates exclusively to art since 2014.                                                                                      

2013 – 2016  ABA (Ateliers Beaux Arts Paris) atelier Alberto Cont, Paris (France)

1998 – 2002  ICM (Institut Català de la Mode, Barcelona, Spain) Graduate in Fashion design and pattern.


Solo Exhibitions

2017 −  Palais des Papes, Avignon (France)

         − "Ether's Chimies" (GALLERY IND.) Ikoma, Nara (Japan)

2016 − "Macro Cosmos" (GALLERY IND.) Ikoma, Nara (Japan)

Group Exhibitions

2014 – MPAA Broussais (Maison des Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs) Paris (France)

         – Galerie Le Phylactère, Boulogne Billancourt, France






在日スペイン大使館 Embajada de España

インスティトゥ−ト・ラモンリュイ Institut Ramon Llull

堂東由佳 展「隠れ気味」 Yuka Doutou Exhibition

2017年2月27日(月) − 3月26日(日)

土日:12:00 - 18:00 

 27 mon. February - 26 sun. March 2017 

Open: Saturdays & Sundays (12:00 - 18:00) 


 GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by silkscreenprint artist, Yuka Doutou (b.1983). In Doutou's works, most of the motifs are highly characterized, and some of them are so tightly packed that we can hardly distinguish clearly what is depicted on the surface while seeing them in a distance. On the other hand, when we examine them up close, unexpected images such as cats, butterflies, or riceballs appear before us. Also, the multiple combinations of them give us a feeling of humor, funniness, loveliness, or sometimes even a little eeriness. According to the circumstances we feel them, they seem to take on a quite different look. We hope you would enjoy them both at close range and in a distance, searching for the best position to see them.   








I make my works by means of silkscreen printing on the basis of the drawings of my own making. First, I draw some characters which look lovable but somewhat awkward. Then, I arrange them on the screen of my PC, putting them together or setting them apart from one another again and again.

While I’m at work, I always think of the right distance for the viewers to see my works. But sometimes I deliberately make the images not clearly visible or undistinguishable, with the details too small or too complicated. This is partly because I’d like the viewers to see them both at close range and from a distance, and also partly because I like to play a visual trick on them. 

Motifs of my works are expressed in a laid-back mode but with rather an uneasy feeling. To express one of the main themes in my creation − carefree days, with a bad feeling, for example, I frequently employ the images of cats suffering as a result of bleeding, diarrhea, vomit or fever, trying to create both a swallowing air and an eerie atmosphere at the same time. I like the process of silkscreen print making, through which I think I can produce a lot of works without difficulty and express such a  feeling most effectively. 


1983年 兵庫県生まれ

2009年 京都市立芸術大学美術学部美術学科卒業

2011年 京都市立芸術大学大学院修士課程絵画専攻版画修了


- 個展 -

2015年 'good' GALLERY IND./奈良

2014年 'point' GALLERY IND./奈良

2012年 'こ豆やにて' こ豆や/京都

               '予備に' GALLERY IND./大阪

    'virus' INAX GALLERY 2/東京

2011年 '呑気な時間、嫌な予感' GALLERY IND./大阪 

 - 受賞歴 -

2015年 アワガミ国際ミニプリント展 優秀賞

    ALBION AWARD 2015 銀賞

2011年 京都市立芸術大学印終了制作展 大学院市長賞  

2010年 第19期財団法人佐藤国際文化育英財団奨学生

2008年 第33回大学版画展 収蔵賞

- パブリックコレクション -




- 記事掲載 - 

版画芸術 No.174(2016年冬号) - 特集シルクスクリーン25人: 新時代を切り開く精鋭たち

- 作家ウェブサイト -




1983 Born in Hyogo, Japan

2009 BFA in Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan

2011 MFA in Printmaking in Fine Art Division at Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan 

- Solo Exhibitions

2015 'good' GALLERY IND./Nara

2014 'point' GALLERY IND./Nara

2012 'at Komameya' Komameya/Kyoto

         'as a backup' GALLERY IND./Osaka

         'virus' INAX GALLERY 2/Tokyo

2011 'carefree days...,with a bad feeling' GALLERY IND./Osaka

- Awards

2015 The Excellent Prize of Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition 2015

         The Silver Prize of ALBION AWARD 2015 

2011 The Prize for Excellent Graduates by Mayor of Kyoto City

2010 The 19th Scholarship Award by the Sato Museum of Art

2008 The 33rd Collection Prize by Kyoto City University of Arts

- Public Collections

Bank of Kyoto

Kyoto City University of Arts

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

- Publications

HANGA GEIJUTSU No.174 - Screen Prints of 25 Individuals: Elite Pioneers of a New Era