堂東由佳 個展 Yuka Doutou Exhibition "selection"

2019年3月2日(土) − 3月24日(日)

Open: 土日:12:00 - 18:00   

 2 sat. - 24 sun. March 2019 

Open: Saturdays & Sundays (12:00 - 18:00) 



 GALLERY IND.では、堂東由佳による弊ギャラリーでの 7回目の個展"selection"を開催いたします。堂東の版画作品は、イラスト風の手描きドローイングをPC上でブロックごとに分割、集積などを行い原版を作成、シルクスクリーンによってプリントアウトされたものです。遠目に引いて見ればオールオーバーに広がる細密模様のようにも見えますが、近くに寄って見れば、原画のキャラクターが持つある種の軽妙さや愛らしさ、また時には不気味さといったものが感じられます。元々何が描かれていたのかが判別できないくらいにモチーフを重ね合わせ、塗りつぶし、歪めながら元の素描に手が加えられている部分もあり、画面上の特定の箇所に視点が定まらないような不思議な感覚にも襲われます。シルクスクリーン版画の新たな可能性を探る意欲的な作品をご高覧いただければと存じます。

 GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by silkscreenprint artist, Yuka Doutou (b.1983). In Doutou's works, most of the motifs are highly characterized, and some of them are so tightly packed that we can hardly distinguish clearly what is depicted on the surface while seeing them in a distance. On the other hand, when we examine them up close, unexpected images such as cats, butterflies, or riceballs appear before us. Also, the multiple combinations of them give us a feeling of humor, funniness, loveliness, or sometimes even a little eeriness. According to the circumstances we feel them, they seem to take on a quite different look. We hope you would enjoy them both at close range and in a distance, searching for the best position to see them.   








I make my works by means of silkscreen printing on the basis of the drawings of my own making. First, I draw some characters which look lovable but somewhat awkward. Then, I arrange them on the screen of my PC, putting them together or setting them apart from one another again and again.

While I’m at work, I always think of the right distance for the viewers to see my works. But sometimes I deliberately make the images not clearly visible or undistinguishable, with the details too small or too complicated. This is partly because I’d like the viewers to see them both at close range and from a distance, and also partly because I like to play a visual trick on them. 

Motifs of my works are expressed in a laid-back mode but with rather an uneasy feeling. To express one of the main themes in my creation − carefree days, with a bad feeling, for example, I frequently employ the images of cats suffering as a result of bleeding, diarrhea, vomit or fever, trying to create both a swallowing air and an eerie atmosphere at the same time. I like the process of silkscreen print making, through which I think I can produce a lot of works without difficulty and express such a  feeling most effectively. 




1983年 兵庫県生まれ

2009年 京都市立芸術大学美術学部美術学科卒業

2011年 京都市立芸術大学大学院修士課程絵画専攻版画修了


- 個展 -

2018年 'item' GALLERY IND./奈良

2017年 '隠れ気味' GALLERY IND./奈良

2015年 'good' GALLERY IND./奈良

2014年 'point' GALLERY IND./奈良

2012年 'こ豆やにて' こ豆や/京都

               '予備に' GALLERY IND./大阪

    'virus' INAX GALLERY 2/東京

2011年 '呑気な時間、嫌な予感' GALLERY IND./大阪 


 - 受賞歴 -

2018年 東京国際ミニプリント・トリエンナーレ 審査員賞

2017年 第6回NBCメッシュテック シルクスクリーン国際版画ビエンナーレ 国際展賞

2015年 アワガミ国際ミニプリント展 優秀賞

    ALBION AWARD 2015 銀賞

2011年 京都市立芸術大学印終了制作展 大学院市長賞  

2010年 第19期財団法人佐藤国際文化育英財団奨学生

2008年 第33回大学版画展 収蔵賞

- パブリックコレクション -





- 記事掲載 - 

版画芸術 No.174(2016年冬号) - 特集シルクスクリーン25人: 新時代を切り開く精鋭たち

- 作家ウェブサイト -




1983 Born in Hyogo, Japan

2009 BFA in Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan

2011 MFA in Printmaking in Fine Art Division at Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan 

- Solo Exhibitions

2018 'item' GALLERY IND./Nara

2017 'kakuregimi' GALLERY IND./Nara

2015 'good' GALLERY IND./Nara

2014 'point' GALLERY IND./Nara

2012 'at Komameya' Komameya/Kyoto

         'as a backup' GALLERY IND./Osaka

         'virus' INAX GALLERY 2/Tokyo

2011 'carefree days...,with a bad feeling' GALLERY IND./Osaka

- Awards

2018 The Jury Award of The 6th Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial 

2017 The Prize of International Exhibition (The 6th NBC Meshtec Tokyo International Screen Print Biennale)

2015 The Excellent Prize of Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition 2015

         The Silver Prize of ALBION AWARD 2015 

2011 The Prize for Excellent Graduates by Mayor of Kyoto City

2010 The 19th Scholarship Award by the Sato Museum of Art

2008 The 33rd Collection Prize by Kyoto City University of Arts

- Public Collections

Bank of Kyoto

Kyoto City University of Arts

Tama Art University Museum

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

- Publications

HANGA GEIJUTSU No.174 - Screen Prints of 25 Individuals: Elite Pioneers of a New Era