福西広和 個展「絶え間ない流れの中で」           Hirokazu Fukunishi  Exhibition "In The Never-ending Flow"


I.  2020年10月10日(土) - 10月25日(日)  <既知と未知>

II. 2020年11月7日(土) - 11月22日(日)  <明らかにされた偶然>

Open: 土日 12:00 - 18:00   

作家在廊:10月25日(日) 12:00 - 18:00 


I. 10 (sat.) - 25 (sun.) October, 2020 <The Known And The Unknown>

II. 7 (sat.) - 22 (sun.) November, 2020 <Coincidences Revealed>

Open: 12:00 - 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays



 GALLERY IND.では、福西広和によります弊ギャラリーでの4回目の個展「絶え間ない流れの中で」を開催いたします。今回は、展示作品をシリーズごとに2つに分け、それぞれをI期 <既知と未知>、II期 <明らかにされた偶然>と題して開催いたします。



 GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the 4th solo exhibition by the fine art photographer, Hirokazu Fukunishi(b.1971). Fukunishi has been giving careful consideration to a matter of seeing things. By means of photography, he brings his ideas into focus on the moment when we come at beauty, the way we find it, and, by extension, what the act of seeing things really is.

He captures objects as if he was scooping them out of everyday things we are accustomed to seeing, so that in each of his photographs we can find the essence of each individual thing we have not noticed before.    The period I, "The Known And The Unknown", features the black-and-white photographs of the dynamically unfolding world of the heavens and the earthly world which appears frozen and silent. And the period II, "Coincidences Revealed," consists of the color photos of the bewitching figure of the dew grass against a jet-black background, with a visually experimental technique. 

 We hope you will enjoy his Baroque photographs, and also the fragments of his perspectives and thoughts that underlie them.










I《既知と未知 》






Artist Statement


<In The Never-ending Flow>




Our experiential fields are covered with a vague sense of the "known". They are always mixed and compounded by the sensory sensations of the body, and are not clearly defined. However, whether it is known or unknown, once we recognize "something" as "it" in our consciousness, it may be internalized as a perception, and then it becomes an "experience" by recombining them according to our daily needs. On the other hand, it is easy for us to experience an extreme short circuit, as if the visual nature is linked to the mental image, only when we have seen "something" before. At the same time, there is a link between "something" and "something" which is not supposed to coincide or meet with each other in the "never-ending flow" of the visual world. It seems to me that at the root of it is a desire to make such a dark complication. If we were lucky enough to find "something" that could inspire such a desire, what would be captured in the photographs? Such questions echo in my mind.


 I  <The Known And The Unknown>

Vision may be unable to avoid making known what it sees because of the uninterrupted daily transitions, even though what it sees remains shrouded in probability and contains various possibilities. If so, where is the unknown to the eye?


Ⅱ  <Coincidences Revealed>

Anyway, the motivation for the accidental occurrence was that I wanted to take a closer look at it, in more detail. I was correcting and modifying what I was seeing, and at that time it was "something" that was trying to expand as much as possible the image that the light represented, to transform the unknown into the known.




福西広和 FUKUNISHI Hirokazu


1971年 大阪府生まれ

1991年 京都造形芸術大学洋画科中退


1971 Born in Osaka, Japan

1991 Left Kyoto University of Art and Design before the completion of its oil painting course

and later learned photography on his own

Lives and works in Osaka, Japan


- Exhibitions

- 個展

2019年「出来事の粒子」(GALLERY IND./奈良)

2018年「物質化された時間」(GALLERY IND./奈良、もずみみはらのアトリエ/大阪)

2017年「凝集する瞬間」 (GALLERY IND./奈良、もずみみはらのアトリエ/大阪)


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2016年 「ときのかけら と かけらのとき」(もずみみみはらのアトリエ/大阪)

             「ながくてアートフェスティバル 2016」(愛知)

2015年 「ながくてアートフェスティバル 2015」(愛知) 

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2019 - Particles of The Occurrence (GALLERY IND./Nara)

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2016 - Premonition (Mozumimihana-no Atelier/Osaka)

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         - NAGAKUTE Art Festival 2016 (Aichi)

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