ギジェルモ・デ・アンヘリス 「小さな僻地」          Guillermo De Angelis "Little Solitudes"

2019年6月22日(土) − 7月14日(日)

Open: 土日:12:00 - 18:00   

 22 sat. June - 14 sun. July, 2019 

Open: Saturdays & Sundays (12:00 - 18:00) 



 アルゼンチン出身の写真家ギジェルモ・デ・アンヘリスによります、弊ギャラリーでは5回目の個展"Little Solitudes (小さな僻地)"を開催いたします。

デ・アンヘリスはマドリード(スペイン) 滞在の約10年間に建築、デザイン、哲学を学びアルゼンチンへ帰国、その後2016年に再度スペインへ渡り、現在はバルセロナに活動拠点を置いています。

日本には俳句や短歌の伝統があり、目の前の事象を予め決められたわずかな言葉の枠組みの中で描写しながらも、そこには詠人のスタンスや感情とともに普遍的な意味といったものも詠み込まれています。元来、写真が得意とするのは個々の事物の具体的な差異を一見してわからせることであり、そうした普遍的な意味を表現するのは困難だと言わざるを得ません。しかしながら、デ・アンへリスのスクエアな画面に共通して示されているのは、一枚の写真も具象と抽象が折り合う中で普遍的な意味を持ちうるのだということです。2017年"small inner landscapes"、2018年"the air between the clouds"に続き、今回の個展"Little Solitudes"でも、ある風景や状況から受け取られる精神的な僻地に赴く感覚をお楽しみいただければと存じます。


GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Guillermo De Angelis, "Little Solitudes", his fifth solo show in Japan. Born and brought up in Rosario, Argentina, De Angelis spent nearly 10 years in Madrid, Spain studying architecture, philosophy and design. He is currently a photographer , and it is "due to destiny or karma", he says. De Angelis presents his photographic image in square format, in which he thinks the relations among the elements of the composition get a special prominence, highlights serenity in harmony. In his quiet photographs, and also in the titles of them, on which he puts much importance, we can find a certain kind of insinuations or implications sent out, transmitted to us by a gesture rather than by a signal, not by shouting but by whispering.

In the tradition of Haiku, a type of traditional Japanese poetry, we can catch a glimpse of reality and truth just in limited words with the framework of five, seven, and five syllables. If we don’t doubt that art is a struggle to present the unity between the concrete and the abstract, we can find a number of excellent examples in haikus. Likewise, if we seek for the harmony between the physical and the metaphysical, we can find it in the world of Guillermo De Angelis.

We hope you feel stunning silence and peace in his work.





After doing architecture, design and philosophy I dove into photography. With the sort of enthusiasm that drives you to move forward, or better still, inwards. Hoping to discover within, rather than outside myself, what I am trying to show. I choose to take pictures not prepared. I try to get the expression through the economy of resources. Focusing on the details that  strike me as essential. Suggesting clearly, presenting without describing.


 Little Solitudes




“Life consists of the little touches of solitudes” Barthes said.

Inner closures, isolations, voluntary helplessness that reconcile us with "experimentation on ourselves, with our unique identity, our only alternative for all the combinations that inhabit us", Deleuze said. What Katz called "positive solitude".





Guillermo De Angelis

1974 Born in Rosario, Argentina

Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain


- Exhibitions

2019: (upcoming)

    •  Solo exhibition at Gallery Ronda Barcelona. (Spain).

    •  Solo exhibition at Llotja del Cànem. (Valencia, Spain).

    •  Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind, (Nara, Japan).

    •  Exhibition in Festival "Fine Art Igualada" (Barcelona, Spain).



    •  Solo exhibition at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).

    •  Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind., (Nara, Japan).

    •  Group exhibitions at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Tampa, Florida).

    •  Group exhibitions UPA Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).


    •  Solo exhibition at Galerie LIK, (Vienna, Austria). 

    •  Solo exhibition at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).

    •  Solo exhibition at the old atelier of Japanese sculptor Ryumon Yasuda (Osaka, Japan).

    •  Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind., (Nara, Japan).

    •  Group exhibition MM Grand Hotel  (Puebla, México).

    •  Photography Award 2017 Vila Casas Foundation (Barcelona).


    •  Solo exhibition at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).

    •  Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind., (Nara, Japan. With the support of Argentina Embassy in Japan).

    •  Solo exhibition at Art Gallery Fotogalería Diseño UNVM, (Córdoba, Argentina).    

    •  UPA Gallery artist 2013/1016 (Tampa, Florida).

    •  Group exhibitions at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Tampa, Florida).

    •  Group exhibitions at The Studio@620 (St. Petersburg, Florida).

    •  Group exhibitions "Raíces argentinas" at the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona.


    • Invited to participate in Art Monaco 2015. 

    • Solo exhibition at GALLERY IND., (Nara, Japan. With the support of Argentina Embassy in Japan).

    • Group exhibitions Annual Photography Showcase (St Petersburg, Florida).

    • Artist at Orange Alloy (New York).

    • Group exhibitions "Clandestinos" at Cero Gallery (Puebla, México).

    • Group exhibitions "Augurio" at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).

    • Group exhibitions "Interrogantes" at Cero Gallery, French alliance program (Puebla, México).

    • Participation in the art fair Arte Salta 2015 (Argentina).

 2011 – 2014:   

    • Artist at Soho Myriad Gallery (Atlanta, Los Ángeles).

    • Artist at Tint-Art Gallery (London).    

    • Participation at Ars Lux Photo Gallery (Argentina).

    • Exhibitions in "Sol Victoria Galleries", (Argentina).

    • Participation in Artesalta: 8th Art Shows, (Argentina).

 2004 – 2011: 

    • Spain, Italy, Czech Republic: development and own photographic projects.

    • Images selected as best picture published by the newspaper "El País", Spain. 


- Publications

     • Niepcebook: "10 portfolios of photographers around the world." Edited by Elephant Corridor (France). 

     • Ebook edit by Corridor Elephant (France).

     • Digital book “La ausencia y la fotografía” edit by Bex Magazine Fotografia (Argentina).