福西広和「《解像》の零度」FUKUNISHI Hirokazu "Seeing, Degree Zero"


2021年10月9日(土) - 10月24日 (日) 12:00 - 18:00  土日のみオープン

9 (sat.) Oct.- 24 (sun.) Oct., 2021

Open: 12:00 - 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays





GALLERY IND.では、福西広和によります新作写真展「《解像の零度》」を開催いいたします。



 GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the 5th solo exhibition by the fine art photographer, Hirokazu Fukunishi(b.1971). Fukunishi has been giving careful consideration to a matter of seeing things. By means of photography, he brings his ideas into focus on the moment when we come at beauty, the way we find it, and, by extension, what the act of seeing things really is.The act of seeing does not mean that we perceive the entirety of what we see, but rather that we choose not to see certain parts, or that we supplement what we do not see. When we say that we are looking at a particular thing, we are merely ruminating on our past experiences with that thing, and recognizing the external projection of our own thoughts.

Fukunishi captures objects as if he was scooping them out of everyday things we are accustomed to seeing, so that in each of his photographs we can find the essence of each individual thing we have not noticed before.   

 We hope you will enjoy his artworks and the fragments of his perspectives and thoughts that underlie them.




もし、求めてやまない《何か》が、運良く捉えられていたなら《それら》は、いったい《何》なのだろうか? 恐らく《それら》は《欲望》に関わっていると思われる。つまり、人工知能や機械的な《予測分析》を遥かに超えているのだ。見るという行為は、身体と様々な感覚に深く刻み込まれた自然が、充溢へと向かう兆しを常に求めているはずだ。それらは、同時に混沌とした外界と内的衝動の閾にある領野に達する強度を欲しているのではないだろうか、、、そんな思いに駆られている。

Artist Statement

If we are lucky enough to capture some of the things that we are looking for, what are they? Perhaps they have something to do with desire. In other words, they are far more than artificial intelligence or mechanical "predictive analysis". The act of seeing is a constant search for signs that nature, deeply imprinted in the body and in the senses, is moving towards fullness. At the same time, it is a desire for the strength to reach the threshold between the chaos of the outside world and the inner impulses. I am tempted to think that way.



福西広和 FUKUNISHI Hirokazu


1971年 大阪府生まれ

1991年 京都造形芸術大学洋画科中退


1971 Born in Osaka, Japan

1991 Left Kyoto University of Art and Design before the completion of its oil painting course

and later learned photography on his own

Lives and works in Osaka, Japan


- Exhibitions

- 個展

2020年 「絶え間ない流れの中で」(GALLERY IND./奈良)

2019年「出来事の粒子」(GALLERY IND./奈良)

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2016年 「ときのかけら と かけらのとき」(もずみみみはらのアトリエ/大阪)

             「ながくてアートフェスティバル 2016」(愛知)

2015年 「ながくてアートフェスティバル 2015」(愛知) 

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2019 - Particles of The Occurrence (GALLERY IND./Nara)

2018 - Substantialized Time (GALLERY IND./Nara + Mozumimihara-no Atelier/Osaka)

2017 - Cohered Moment (GALLERY IND./Nara + Mozumimihara-no Atelier/Osaka)

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