忠伸工芸 "KAGUKA (家具鞄)" 展示会 #2                                            Chuushin Kougei "KAGUKA" exhibition #2

 2020年2月22日(土) − 2月23日(日)

Open: 両日ともに10:00 - 16:00   

22 (sat.) - 23 (sun.) February, 2020

Open: 10:00 - 16:00 



 GALLERY IND.では、京都のオーダーメイド家具製作会社、忠伸工芸が手掛けます"KAGUKA (家具鞄)"の 第2回展示会を開催いたします。

忠伸工芸の井上隆広は、美術作家としても活動し、弊ギャラリーでも個展を開催、またMAME's FACTORY名義での木工プロダクト展も実施しています。今回は、昨年8月の展示会同様、2月22日(土)、23日(日)の2日間限定で、新たなサイズバリエーションを加えた"KAGUKA"展示会#2を開催いたします。両日とも忠伸工芸の井上が在廊していますので、"KAGUKA"の実物をご覧いただけるだけでなく、素材、サイズ、内装等につきましてのご相談、ご注文を承りますことも可能です。


KAGUKAについて (忠伸工芸 井上隆広)














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 GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the two-day exhibition "KAGUKA" by Chuushin Kougei Ltd. featuring Takahiro Inoue, also known as MAME's FACTORY.

In this show we will present the wood bag/furniture "KAGUKA" produced and patented by Chuushin Kougei, which has been creating made-to-order furniture for more than 30 years in Kyoto.

Takahiro Inoue, executive managing director of the company, is quite familiar with craftworking materials, especially with wood ones, as he has grown up and has been working in carpentary surroundings. "KAGUKA" was given birth to in such an environment, based on the concept of "sense of individuality". 

We hope you will enjoy the visual and tactile experience of "KAGUKA", which comes from his artisanry and artistic background.



KAGUKA is the bag/furniture of the woodbox type produced and patented by Chuushin Kougei Ltd., a wood furniture company in Kyoto, Japan.


- Three things we give weight to:

1. The warmth of wood: In order for it to bring on warmth, almost all parts of our KAGUKA are made of wood, including a handle, hinges and stoptags. 

2. The only one: You can choose as you like not only from various kinds of wood materials, such as japanese cedar, hinoki cypress, and paulowia wood, but also from a large variety of inner finishing, such as Nishijin brocade, leather, cork, and bamboo.

3. The easiness to carry around: In pursuit for lightness, we have sought for the minimum weight of it, cutting down its weight by the gram, so KAGUKA grants the easiness of carrying around.


Based on the concept of “sense of individuality" or "quality of yourself", our company has created made-to-order furniture for over 30 years. Accordingly, we have come to think what if we give a try to some portable piece of furniture, and now we are working on our new product KAGUKA. 


 Takahiro Inoue

executive managing director of Chuushin Kougei, Ltd.





1979年 京都生まれ

2006年 京都造形芸術大学芸術学部情報デザイン学科卒業



2015年   "scrapes on veneer" (MAME's FACTORY exhibition) /奈良

2014年 "toumeitasuki" (MAME's FACTORY exhibition) /奈良

2010年 "FIELDMAP" (Takahiro Inoue solo exhibition) /大阪

2008年 "Shadow of Husk" (Takahiro Inoue solo exhibition) /大阪


Profile: Takahiro Inoue

executive managing director of Chuushin Kougei, Ltd. 

1979 Born in Kyoto

2006 BFA in Information Design Course at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Japan 

Solo Exhibitions at GALLERY IND. :

2015 "scrapes on veneer"/Nara

2014 "toumeitasuki" /Nara

2010 "FIELDMAP" /Osaka

2008 "Shadow of Husk" /Osaka



installation view at GALLERY IND., 2019

 KAGUKA with Guillermo De Angelis photographies