[hiyomi circle] 展

2016年12月18日(日) − 2017年1月22日(日)

土日:12:00 - 18:00


 hiyomi circle exhibition 

 18 sun. December 2016 - 22 sun. January 2017 

Open: Saturdays & Sundays (12:00 - 18:00) 

Closed: 26 mon. December 2016 - 6 fri. January 2017


hiyomi circle 2017年度版カレンダーをメンバー各作家のオリジナル作品と共に展示販売します。hiyomi circle カレンダーはオフセット印刷をベースに、シルクスクリーン、木版などの版画技法を用い、デザイン、紙の質感、印刷にこだわったカレンダーです。

2017年度版はメンバーそれぞれが選んだ用紙にオフセット印刷を施した壁掛けタイプBasic Edition(300部限定)と、そのオフセット印刷にシルクスクリーンやステッカーなどを加えた同じく壁掛けタイプSpecial Edition(100部限定、zine付き)の2種類で、共に各作家の個性をお楽しみ頂けるカレンダーです。hiyomi circleカレンダーとともに、関連グッズやメンバー各々のオリジナル作品もお楽しみいただけます。


 GALLERY IND. will be showing 2017 calendars produced by  hiyomi circle - a team of printmakers which was formed in 2009 by Saki Kirizuki, Yuka Doutou, Yukino Miyata, and Marie Yoshiki. All of them are the graduates from Kyoto City University of Art, and  have collaborated to issue handmade calendars since 2010. In addition to the two different types of yearly calendars, artworks by each member can be purchased at the exhibition.


[hiyomi circle] :



2016年11月7日(月) - 12月4日(日)

フレデリック・アトラン 個展

Frédéric(Fred) Atlan Solo Exhibition

7 mon. November - 4 sun. December 2016



南仏トューロン出身、現在はパリに活動拠点を置く写真家フレデリック・アトランによる新作写真展、またGALLERY IND.では二度目の個展となります。

フレデリック・アトランはパリ第八大学で視覚芸術を中心とした美学・芸術学を修了、その後は主にプレス、ファッション、広告写真等を撮影する職業写真家として活動、近年はそれらと並行してファインアートの領域で独自の作品を意欲的に制作しています。今回の個展では、紙、木片、鉄などの素材を組み合わた造形物やその物理的運動を撮影した新作シリーズ "Paysages allégoriques"(Allegorical Landscapes:寓意的風景) を展示します。昨年度の展示作品同様、身近にあるものから新たな風景を作り上げ、未知の崇高な世界への接触を試みることをテーマに展開しているシリーズです。


GALLERY IND. is pleased to present the solo exhibition of the French photographer Frédéric Atlan, his second solo show in Japan. After graduating from the University of Paris 8, he embarked on a career as a professional photographer, and now he works also as a fine art photographer based in Paris. This exhibition will be showing his new photography series "Paysages allégoriques (Allegorical landscapes)", a new series in which he reaches toward unknown worlds by intervening in and recreating breathtaking landscapes, reassembling their geographic features and physical movements.




1966  Born in Toulon, France

           Lives and works in Paris, France


Finding The Ultimate Landscapes

After graduating a Master 2 at Paris 8 University in Art and Aesthetic, and working as a photograph assistant, Fred Atlan decided to leave Paris and experiment photograph into the wild. He sailed mainly in the Pacific Ocean until he got the opportunity of becoming school teacher at the Beaux Arts of Noumea. During his trip, he is fascinated by enigmatic landscapes. Back in Paris, his apartment becomes his workshop for his artistic researches, while pursuing a photographer career in fashion, advertising and institution. Over the years, his concept of photography emerges: creating then catching with the camera an invented and ephemeral nature. He builds his landscapes on his home table with cheap or recycled objects: wood, paper, clay or steel… Each ingredient takes part of the illusion under his impulse. The table becomes an operating field when Fred plays, induces, gives life and death. The result is “sublime landscapes beyond understanding”.

“To tend to infinity is my dreamed and impossible quest”.   


- 究極の風景を作り出す












2016年10月1日(土) - 10月30日(日)

スヌー 個展

Snoo Solo Exhibition 

1 sat.October - 30 sun.October 2016

自らの創作活動のみならず他のアーティストによる展覧会、音楽イベントの企画等多岐に渡る活動を展開しているSnoo (スヌー) による初個展。今回の展示では、ペインティング作品を中心にその特異な作品世界を概観していただける展示を予定しています。


GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Japanese artist Snoo (b.1982).

His career encompasses deep explorations of an extraordinary wide range of interest in art, literature, philosophy, music, dance and other related activities, covering critical and curatorial work on other artists.

Unlike the creations of those who have received education at an art college or an equivalent educational institution, his activities seem all the more individualistic and conspicuous for his unacademic backgrounds. 

We are going to present an overview exhibition of his recent paintings and drawings. Among them are a series of   'Hallucinations'; the works which are produced out of the visual and auditory hallucinations which he has experienced in playing or listening to music, or performing dance. Another is 'Improvisations'; the pieces which leave on the supports the improvisational one-stroke sketches like the handwriting of a Zen monk or graffiti on the wall. Furthermore, we will show 'Emptiness - Japanese Space Program'; a series of the works which provide book-like structures, and therefore induce us to try to open the covers of them.









人知を超える何かを思いそれに正直にあろうとすることであり、古には何かが宿るといわれたような((Improvisations))、自分の感覚や価値観を超えた世界の現れを受け入れる((Hallucinations))、自分自身は中空であり続ける((Emptiness ‐ Japanese Space Program))。そして、作者は自分ではない匿名の作者であり、また現れとしても文字としても、その多様で自由な読みと不確定さを包摂した((AA))。











Lives and works in Abiko, Osaka


1982 Born in Osaka, Japan


2000 Hip hop Dancer

    Hip hopダンサーとして活動

2010 Konohana Medias


2013 BAR KITTY, Abiko, Osaka


2015 Guitarist, Music Composer



2004 - 2008 

    Kwansei Gakuin University


Selected Group Shows

2011 Medias Connection vol.2, Osaka

2012 Inside-Out with Kaori Yoshikawa, Art Zone, Kyoto


2011   Medias Connection vol.2 此花メヂア (大阪) 

2012   Inside-Out by Kaori Yoshikawa & Snoo Art Zone (京都)





2016年8月29日(月) - 9月25日(日)

レマニ・ヴェルゲル 個展

Lemany Vergel Solo Exhibition

3 sat.September - 25 sun. September 2016



ハバナ (キューバ) 出身・在住のペインター、レマニ・ヴェルゲルによる日本での初個展を開催いたします。





GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Cuban artist Lemany Vergel (b.1970), his first show in Japan.

We will find a lot of different types of strokes and color blocks co-existent in his paintings. So characteristic are the lines which have a sense of speed with an improvisational taste and individuality that we feel as if we were looking at  the artist working in his two dimensions under our eyes, various lines crossing each other and interweaving with one another. Some of them follow a diagonal manner and others not, with the result that the whole pictures are filled with a lot of lively movement and complete harmony. 

In contrast to those vibrant lines and belts, the colored planes or fields look as stable as if they were an accumulation of time piled on the bottom of the artist's mind. Due to the combination of the light brushstrokes and the serene color areas, we can feel the liveliness of his creations and also bask in the afterglow of them.

This exhibition will also be on display at Bar Kitty in Abiko, Osaka.




1970  Born in Havana City, Cuba

Lives and works in Havana City, Cuba


Solo Exhibitions


- “Con el futuro en la palabra” (With the Future in the Word) at Galería Teodoro Ramos Blanco, Cerro, Cuba


- “Sin cambio de clave” (Without Key Change) at Galería Juanito Hernández, Canal Educativo, Cuba


- Solo Exhibition in Tarara, Cuba

- Solo Exhibition at Biblioteca, Cotorro Town, Havana City, Cuba

- “Cambio de clave” (Change of Key). Galería Fernando Boada. Cotorro,Havana City, Cuba

Group Exhibitions & Awards


- Exposición “El arte abstracto no ha muerto.” (Abstract Art is Not Dead) Galería Concha Ferrant de Guanabacoa, Havana City, Cuba


- Biennale of the Rule of Mental Health (“V Bienal de Salud Mental de Regla.”)


- Exhibition at la Casa Garibaldi de la Habana Vieja, Havana City, Cuba


- Invited as Guest Participant in Competition of Self-Taught Artists, Galería Fernando Boada. Cotorro, Havana City, Cuba


- First Prize, Competition of Self-Taught Artists (“Primer Premio en Concurso de artistas plásticos Autodidactas”). Galería Fernando Boada. Cotorro,Havana City, Cuba

- “Segundo encuentro” (The Second Meeting) Galería Fernando Boada,Cotorro, Havana City, Cuba


- Mention in Sculpture in Fine Arts Competition, Galería Arístides Fernández de Güines, Havana City, Cuba





With the support of Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Japan

2016年7月18日(月・祝) - 8月14日(日)

ギジェルモ・デ・アンヘリス 個展

Guillermo De Angelis Solo Exhibition

18 mon. July - 14 sun. August 2016





GALLERY IND.では昨年に続きアルゼンチン出身の写真家、ギジェルモ・デ・アンヘリスの個展を開催いたします。

デ・アンヘリスはマドリード(スペイン) 滞在の約10年間に建築、デザイン、哲学を学び帰国、本年4月に再度スペインへ渡り、現在バルセロナに活動拠点を置く写真家です。




 GALLERY IND. is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by an Argentine fine art photographer, Guillermo De Angelis. Born in Rosario, Argentina, he lived nearly 10 years in Madrid, Spain. After having studied architecture, philosophy and design, he is currently a photographer, he says, due to destiny or karma. De Angelis has ever presented all of his photographic works in square format. This square format, in which the shape and the relations among the elements of the composition get a special prominence, highlights serenity in harmony with his pictures. In his quiet pictures, and also in the titles of the works on which he puts much importance, we can find a certain kind of insinuations or implications sent out, transmitted to us by the gesture rather than by the signal, by whispering rather than by shouting.

In the tradition of Haiku, a type of traditional Japanese poem, we can catch a glimpse of reality and truth just in the limited words with the framework of five, seven, and five syllables. If we don’t doubt that art is a struggle to present the unity between the concrete and the abstract, we can find a number of excellent examples in haikus. Likewise, if you seek for the harmony between the physical and the metaphysical, you can find it in the world of Guillermo De Angelis.

We hope you feel a stunning silence and peace in his work.



 After doing architecture, design and philosophy I dove into photography. With the sort of enthusiasm that drives you to move forward, or better still, inwards. Hoping to discover within, rather than outside myself, what I am trying to show. I choose to take pictures not prepared. I try to get the expression through the economy of resources. Focusing on the details that  strike me as essential. Suggesting clearly, presenting without describing.



2016年5月16日(月) - 6月19日(日)

ベルタ・セセ 個展 "MacroCosmos"

Berta Sesé Solo Exhibition "MacroCosmos"

16 mon. May - 19 sun. June 2016


 GALLERY IND.ではバルセロナ (スペイン) 出身、現在パリ(フランス) を拠点に活動するカタルーニャ人アーティスト、ベルタ・セセの個展"MacroCosmos"を開催いたします。



このデジタル写真シリーズMacroCosmos は、人類誕生以前の時代に星と星との間を漂っているかのような感覚で、見る者を小宇宙の旅へと誘ってくれます。ミクロがマクロとなり、宇宙が備え持つ包括的な力を示しています。

ベルタ・セセの作品は、フラクタル (部分と全体の自己相似) に見られるような無限小から無限大までの世界を探求することから導き出されたもので、細部と全体が繋がることで生まれる価値を認識させてくれます。彼女はその関係性を示してくれる世界を"overworlds " と名づけています。この日常の小世界の中に見出され、拡張された超世界への旅をお楽しみ頂ければ幸いです。


 GALLERY IND. is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of the catalan artist Berta Sesé. Born in Barcelona (Spain) and based in Paris (France) since 2002, where she did work as a fashion designer for twelve years.  She decides to devote herself exclusively to Art since 2014. The artist’s work alternates between painting and photography, two complementary media of expression without borders to her eyes.

 Her photographic work is based on the close up perception and observation of our daily life, by interpreting the details it conceals. Using the macro technique, the artist livens up the discoveries of her visions in dreamlike worlds and landscapes, fruit of the observable eye’s limits.

 MacroCosmos is a digital photograph series that invites us into a microcosmic interstellar travel in pre-human scale. Micro becomes Macro and shows the global strengh of the Universe.

 Berta Sesé’s work  is inspired by the research of the infinitely small to the infinitely big, as in quantum mathematics and fractales. She leads us to appreciate  the bond between detail and whole. What she names passionately the « overworlds ».



Berta Sesé Pinteño, born in Barcelona, Spain, 1980

Lives and works in Paris (France) since 2002    

Fashion designer and stylist on Paris during 12 years, she dedicates exclusively to Art since 2014.                                                                                      

2013 – 2016  ABA (Ateliers Beaux Arts Paris) atelier Alberto Cont, Paris (France)

1998-2002  ICM (Institut Català de la Mode, Barcelona, Spain) Graduate in Fashion design and pattern.


Group Exhibitions

2014 – MPAA Broussais (Maison des Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs) Paris (France)

2014 – Galerie Le Phylactère, Boulogne Billancourt, France




在日スペイン大使館 Embajada de España



Institut Ramon Llull インスティトゥ−ト・ラモンリュイ

2016年4月1日(金) - 30日(土)

フレデリック・アトラン 個展

Frédéric Atlan Solo Exhibition

1 fri. April - 30 sat. April 2016


パリ出身・在住のフランス人作家フレデリック・アトラン (b.1962) の日本初個展。

フレデリック・アトランは絵画、立体造形、写真、映像、音楽など精力的に幅広い分野で活動を行っている作家で、今回の展示では単色四枚組のペインティング作品 "Tetragram (テトラグラム)" 及びそのテトラグラムを画素のように用いて作成された写真作品"Tetragramisation (テトラグラミゼーション)"を展示いたします。


テトラグラムとは四文字のシンボル、四文字の語のことで、ギリシャ語で「四つの文字」という意味です。ヘブライ語では「神様」は「ヤーヴェ」「ヤーウェ」または「ヤハウェ」といわれますが、その場合のY (アレフ) H (ヘ) W( ヴォヴ) H (ヘ)のことを指します。現在ではこうした神の名や隠し名はその意味の大部分を失っていますが、この "Tetragram"から様々な失われた意味が回復され、見る人それぞれの連想が働き出す契機となれば幸いです。


GALLERY IND. is pleased to present the exhibition of Frédéric Atlan, his first show in Japan. Frédéric Atlan is a Paris-based artist, whose career as an artist encompasses deep exploration of mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, film, music and assemblage. We are showing at the gallery a large photographic image Tetragramisation , and Tetragram which is composed of four monochrome paintings. 


− Two approaches

The pictures confronts the two media each against the other: The painting provides the primary patterns (Tetragrams) which serve as an analysis matrix. In distant reading, the photography is decomposed by this patterns and tends to encounter the unfashionable aesthetic of old tapestrys. 

Yet in close reading the landscape changes and reveals another reality. The elementary “pixels” are not real pixels but abstract images. The primary forms used as pattern come indeed from a set of 1472 paintings called Tetragrams. Each of those Tetragrams is made of four rectangular painted monochromes, ordered in imbalance around a square central void. As such, Tetragrams sketch landscapes of four pixels, always different in tone and mood, through the perpetual motion created by the tiny void between the painting boards.

Those sensitive approaches of the world through monochromes discreetly compose the weft of all the Tetragramisations. Tetragrams constitute the abstract or even cleansed side of reality, sometimes cumbersome, talkative or obscene, be it cuddling cows or a fellatio in the twilight.

− 二つのアプローチ



 − At the outset were the Tetragrams

"The ratio of power between the colors and the central void seems to make the square swing in a circular movement, although it is a stable form. So the void is the center and the lack at the same time. In any case, it is essential to the system. Around this void the colours and the number of combinations suggest the infinity of possible universes. This device evokes a register more metaphysical. Even if, as usual, I realized it afterward." (Interview Bliss art blog, 2015). Actually, in Jewish and esoteric kabalistic tradition, « the Tetragram » (Tetragramaton) is the name of God. Therefore the « landscapes of four pixels » happened to evocate both the whole and the (possible) void.

− きっかけはテトラグム・ペインティングから





1962  Born in Paris, France

         Lives and works in Paris

 - Artistic Squats

1993  Alternative Zen Copyright Gallery, Paris

1995  Tacheles, collective exhibition, Berlin

          Espace WUK, solo exhibition, Vienne

1997  Opening of <Pole Pi> artistic squat (former Lycee Diderot), Paris

          Dokumenta X, occupation of an industrial wasteland and wall painting (<Murails>), Kassel

1998  Occupation of a former industrial site and wall painting (<Murails>), Lisbonne

2000  Occupation of a building and opening of a mock-gallery, Crousite's, avenue Matignon, Paris

          Opening of an artistic asuat (Alternation), and exhibitions, Paris

2002  Exhibition in Glacieres de Trevouse (installations), Avignon

2003  Collective exhibition, L'Electron libre 59 rue de Rivoli, Paris


2014  Photography Online Exhibitions: <Leaving the painting galaxy>I and II/ <back to the ground>, Facebook

2012  APACC, solo exhibition <Infra>, Montreuil

          Espace Beaurepaire, solo exhibition <Nanometieres>, Paris

2010  Espace Beaurepaire, solo exhibition, Paris

2008  Espace des arts sans frontieres, collective exhibition, Paris

2007  Galerie Horizons, solo exhibition, Paris

2006  Espace Beaurepaire, solo exhibition

          Gallery QG Salzinsel, in Esch/ Alzette, performance, Luxembourg

2005  Gallery BC/2 Bettembourg, Luxembourg

2002  Gallery Spiess, Seconde modernite, La Guiche

2001  Gallery Polylogue, collective exhibition

2000  7eme Courrant d'Art, installation and performance, Deauville

1999  Palais des Congres et de la Culture, invited artist of Le Monde newspaper annual forum of philosophy (<Le  Monde Le Mans>), Le Mans

           Living Art Museum, exhibition and performance, Reykjavik

1994  Gallery Christine Colas, collective exhibition, Paris

          Festival Les Crayeur, Epernay

1992  Hotel Drouot, <L'art sans frontiere>, collective exhibition, Paris


- <Frédéric Atlan, peintures ou miroirs ?>, video by Lily Tournay, 7'30".

- Portrait (radio) France Inter - Esprit critique, september 2007, 3'03"

  ...and aka Sonic Surgeon: "46>, label Kaosthetik, 2010 (electro-rock-noise)


Public Collections

  Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

  Library of the National Assembly, Paris

  Museum of Fine Arts (Gallerie de Tesse), Le Mans


後援: 在日フランス大使館/